Easter Facts File 10 Things To Know About Easter

Easter Facts File 10 Things To Know About Easter

Easter Facts File 10 Things To Know About Easter : We all celebrate Easter with full pleasure and excitement without knowing the meaning of this day some of us may know the reson behind the celebration. But most of us do not know the Facts File as 10 things to know about the Easter 2017 so get it up all here if you do not know it we will help you to know all of Easter 2017.If we compare Easter with the Halloween and Christmas than we will find that it’s not as famous as these events. So below is the complete Facs File 10 Things to Know About Easter 2017 which would be really helpful for you and your friends to know more about the easter day.

So just celebrate the Easter Day in a way to honor the Jesus Resurrection with the beautiful Happy Easter Day Wishes Quotes with the beautiful Wallpapers Pictures on the Easter Day 2017. So celebrate this year’s Easter Sunday with the Easter Eggs Decor Ideas, Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, Easter Special Bunny Sheets for Coloring, Easter Religious Poems and the coolest ever collection of the Easter Outits for Kids and Adults.

Facts File 10 Facts To Know About Easter Day

Easter Day is around to come so celebrate the Easter with your complete family sitting around the corner by knowing the facts as to why this special occassion is celebrated. So know the complete story behind this easter day and enjoy with full happiness and joy on this year’s easter sunday.

10 Facts To Know About Easter Day

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1. The Name

Now you would have thought as why the name Easter why choosen, but we also do not know the story behind this as it’s totally unknown for all.But some resources claimed that the term Easter derives from the Anglo-Saxon word Eastre or Eostre means a spring or dawn goddess. As Estore is the name used for goddess of spring so the name easter was used in a way to welcome Spring Season.

2.Ancient origins

The celebration of Easter has a long history and various traditions that evolved from Pagan symbols. According to belief, Roman catholic churches merged the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection with a commemoration that contained rituals of spring festivity in order to make Christianity more attractive to other religions.

3.Easter Eggs

As Eggs were used to be a symbol of life for the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians so Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies were in tradition from the past.It’s in the rituals to give Easter special decorated eggs to yur friends n the Easter Sunday.Decorating your Eggs with the beautiful colors used over Shells of Eggs will make them more beautiful and add the taste of creativity in Easter which was also followed from our past.While the tradition of cracking open Easter eggs is to celebrate the empty tomb of Jesus.

4.Easter Eggs Decor

The Decoration of Easter Eggs is also followed from our past as our ancistors used to do this so we followed what our ancistors had done.The art of painting the eggs is known as pysanka which originates from the Ukraine.So you can use water colors or some others combined with wax, Easter eggs are decorated with beautiful folk motifs. Previously in ancient times natural colors were used to decorate the easter beautiful eggs but now the use of artificial colors is in trend.

#Easter Facts File 10 Things To Know About Easter 

5.Easter Bunny

The most famous of all are the Easter Bunnies without which easter celebration is incomplete so go for the easter bunnies.Rabbit which is known as the symbol of fertility and it was also an earthly symbol of the goddess Eostre. If we believ on the story it was told that Easter Bunnies lays Easter Eggs which they put in an Easter Basket and hide them in gardens or someplace where kids would find them and enjoy the Easter Day.

6.Expensive Easter Egg So Far

Easter Eggs are so expensive that you will came to know under this post as the most expensive easter egg was sold for about $5 billion used.It was made by a team of artists gathered togeter from all around the globe which took them 3 years to complete the Easter Egg. The outer shell has 1000 diamonds and inside contains 18 karat gold globe.

7.Weiredest Tradition on Easter

Margarita is dish which is made from lamb with transforming lamb after removing all offal which is drinked by the people in Greece after midnight is in tradition so far till now.

8.Largest Easter Egg in World So Far

This is also a special record which was made by the Portugals as they made a chocolate Easter Egg which was 10.39 meters tall and weighs 7,200kg.This Largest Giant Decorated Easter Egg was made back in the year 2008 which reached almost 15 m in height and 8m in diameter.The Easter Egg was larger than the Elephant and taller than Giraff so it made a record in the past.

9.Candy Consumption

It’s also a record for the most number of candy consumption on Easter and we are not counting the whole world here we are only taking US in our counting.As in US more than 700 million Marshmallow Peeps with over 16 million jelly beans and the count does not stop here only.

With a total worth of $1.9 billion on Easter Bunnies chocolate candies the consumption raised to a much further amount. Americans spend more than $ 1.9 billion on Easter Candy, with making Easter as the second biggest candy holiday after the festival of Halloween.

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