Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids | Jesus Resurrection Day Poems 2017

Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids Sweets

Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids | Jesus Resurrection Poems 2017 : Celebrate the Easter 2017 with the Beautiful Easter Special Poems for your kids which they can sing at their schools. Also Add your childrens to this Easter Day celebration from the besutiful added collection for small kids and children. Small Kids do not know the true meaning of Easter as they are kids so do not make them abide by your rules and regulations let them enjoy the easter day with our sweet religious easter day 2017 poems collection. Choose the one which you like suits your kids for the school or for the easter eve prayers. As adding these Jesus Christ’s special prayers in the form of poems will make you really enjoy this day.

Slowly look at the poems which are added in our collection below as we know that they will surely make you feel the essence of this religious easter sunday. So enjoy the blessings from Lord Jesus Christ with the help of these awesome cool Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems for School Kids.

Take the printout of these cool easter 2017 religious poems specially arranged below for the small sweet school kids so make your kids take part in school competitions and see the smile happiness of victory on their faces.

Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids

Easter Sunday Special Poems For Kids


Easter Tells Us that
It’s not only this life which we live on earth
Life is somewhere else also
He told us to prepare
For the Hardwork and Sacrifice in our Life
As he prepares for us a Sweet place
where we can live in peace
Jesus Died for our Sins
he bear the cost of what we did
This life on earth is a prelude
to eternal joy with our Lord.
Easter is a celebration
of our eternal destiny.

Sweet Easter Bunny Poems

Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids

Soft and White is the Easter Bunny
Which we can Forget to hide
We Thank U All
For the Beautiful Easter Eggs U bring
On this special ocassion to welcome spring.
Green Eggs which are blue and red
In Green Grass and the flower Bed
We All will try to search them Around.

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Sweet Easter Sunday 2017 Poems For Kids

I owe an Easter Bunny
I owe an Easter Bunny,
but what makes it one day
To ran away from Me
I have no words to say
As I searched for her at Night
In the Sweet Light of Moonlight
I Looke dfor her in Day
Under the Glow of the Sun Light
But Finally I was Happy to Find her
with the 3 sweet babies 1,2,3
So it’s really good to have 4 of them now.

Easter Bunnies are Brown
Easter Sweet Bunnies are White
Easter Bunnies are Always
Who bring the Easter Day Delight
Easter bunnies are Cuddly
With the Sweet Shape of them
But what I Like of them All
Is the Sweet Easter Chocolate
Easter Special Bunny…

Best Happy Easter Day 2017 Poems for All

Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids Sweet

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It’s Without the Easter Day
It’s Without the Easter Day,
Do not loose your Hopes for that Day
As ther is a lot of Hope for Heaven
There would be no repetance in Life
as Ther’s no Transformation
Without any Follow of Religious
With the bibical Principles
As Without the Easter Resurrection Day
The Whole World would be in
a complete chaos
no hope would be there for all
So enjoy the Easter Sunday 2017
With the collection of the
Happy Easter Religious poems for All….

Jesus Resurrection Day Poems 2017

Sweet Easter Day 2017 Poems For Kids

The Jesus Resurrection Day Means A Lot
it has a Special Meaning
Attached with it at all
It makes us to live a better life
with the beautiful feelings attached
For with them with the All
Wish you a Happy Easter Day 2017….

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Best Religious Easter 2017 Poems For School Kids

Every Love Redeems A Bit of Grace
Every love redeems a bit of grace,
Abetting God in filling lust with light.
So does Christ’s passion passion’s truth reveal:
That God Himself such love for us can feel,
Embracing us as we our loved ones might,
Rejoicing in our love as we embrace.

Wish U a Happy Easter 2017 ! Allelujah!
Lord Jesus Christ, As He lives!
He Will Serve Him so as to Receive Salvation;
With the Eternal life which he gives!
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Da Easter 2017 Bunny feet
So just go with full hop,hop,
As the sweet big pink ear of Bunny
Will All Go flop, flop, flop.
he is running quickly on the way
In order To get the eggs on Easter Day,
With a hop, flop, hop, flop, hop.

Easter Sunday 2017 Special Poems For Kids

It’s not for da Easter Day,
As complete chaos the whole world
Will be there waiting for you
Nd all ther ever wod be.
It’s not for Easter Day,
with lot’s and lot’s of unfairness
which will bring to us the despair
But God sent His Son
to give eternal life
filled with peace, happiness
and unimaginable blessings
to those who choose Him.
All we have to do is choose Him.
Happy, Happy Easter!
By Joanna Fuchs
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Download or print the above specially arranged for kids poems collection so as your sweet kids will enjoy the Easter Day at school too. Let your kids enjoy the Easter Sunday completely with our collection of the Religious Sweet Jesus Resurrection Poems to fill the heart with religious feelings.

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